VIDEOTOGRAPHY Events, Films, 3D animation & Marketing At SMOKEY BEAR FILMS we build stories with intensity, strength, high definition energy and great impact. We are an audiovisual producer focused on creating stories with branded content. SEE STORE THINKING ABOUT THE BEST IN YOU! STORE BEAR


"We are specialized in the audiovisual production of FILMS videos and promotional advertising videos for companies, both brand image and product presentation."


We specialize in VFX/CGi effects, green screen composting, 3D products, 2D/3D Animation, and Cinematography. We use 4K equipment with professional audio and lighting equipment combined with our own style of film making. As freelance artist team we are mobile and more flexible than some production teams. We are full service from Pre-production to Post-production.

We produce corporate videos for companies cheaply and quickly, always adjusting to the requirements of each client. We have all the human and material equipment to carry out in the best possible way the entire audiovisual production process of the corporate video or promotional video of your business, from pre-production and recording to editing and final touches. We have the ideal recording equipment for videos in high definition FULL HD.  We do video production for companies of all kinds, launching the pre-production, production and post production of professional videos for companies. We take care of the idea until the delivery of the file: We plan, do the creative script, storyboard, record, edit, add visual effects, sound effects and deliver.


"We seamlessly master the most suitable software programs for each video editing and digital retouching process."

MOUNTING AND EDITING VIDEOS: This is the first step in the process of digital video post-production, and consists of collecting, digitizing and putting in the right order the images obtained in the recording and production of audio-visual. This process encompasses all the tasks performed on video, it is a set of video editing tasks made to improve and make the final product more attractive. IMAGE RETOUCHES AND ADJUSTMENTS: We are responsible for performing all the necessary audio-visual adjustments and retouches through the best professional video and image editing software to give you the necessary quality.

SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS VFX: We use specialized video editing and post-production programs that incorporate all kinds of special visual and sound effects to give that amazing touch to the visual piece. MUSIC AND SOUND: We perform the relevant sound retouches by adjusting and adapting it to the visual material we work with. We incorporate various music and melodies according to the requirements of each project.

OWN PRODUCTION MATERIAL: Through a series of software specialized in digital editing and post production, we have assembled and makeup the previously obtained recordings, as well as the subsequent retouching phase with the addition of special visual effects in order to generate high quality productions.


Smokey Bear Films in organization with another company is producing free material that you can use in your projects of all kind, these are: HD and 4K videos of people, animals, cities, landscapes and many more. These are videos that you can use as backgrounds (background) in all your projects as mentioned. Download them is totally free, Remember to put the reference link.